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In her 15 years as a Stylist, Brandy's work has been on exhibit at The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and on the cover of Rolling Stone and Spin Magazines. She's dressed artists for performances at The Oscars, The Grammy's, MTV VMA's, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, The Met Gala, The Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien and many other high-profile events. She's styled over 60 music videos, 100 photo shoots, and designed tour wardrobe for dozens of world tours. Brandy has been interviewed and featured in both The LA Times and NME Magazine. She's been nominated for multiple styling awards and presented with a Gold Album. She was hired by American Express and Paper Magazine to speak to music industry insiders on the importance of Artist styling and image.

In her music video work, she's designed costumes for an endless array of characters: firefighters, police officers, soldiers, superheroes, ghosts, school children, and more. She's worked with squibs, rain machines, under water, and on rotating stages.


Brandy is best known for her work with Jack White, Karen O, and Green Day, but she's worked with countless artists ranging from rock legends (Joan Jett, Aerosmith) to up and coming artists. She's worked with some of the best photgraphers and directors in the industry such as David Lynch, Autumn DeWilde, Floria Sigismondi, Sophie Muller, Jonathan Glazer, Danny Clinch, Sam Bayer, Ross Halfin, Marc Klasfeld, Diane Martel, Joseph Kahn, and James Minchin. 


Brandy's work is inspired by 60s era foreign films, period costumes, and streetwear. Her styling focus has been in the world of rock music, but she is excited to be moving into advertising work as well. Her advertising clients include Target, Amazon, Cadillac, The Learing Channel, and VH1.  




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